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Upon receipt and understanding, this letter of agreement sets forth terms and conditions regarding said engagement and is hereby made part of the attached contract dated noted on the attached contract, between Murillo Audio Visual, L.L.C. (Hereinafter referred to as Supplier) and Client party as described in the attached contract (Hereinafter referred to as Client).

1. 50% NON REFUNDABLE Deposit due upon approval. Balance due before load in of the event. Checks need to be received 2 weeks prior the day of the event, payable to "Murillo Audio Visual".
2. 4% Service charge if paid by credit card.
3. LATE PAYMENT FEES: A one-time fee of $250 USD then 5% daily with a 14 day grace period.
4. This estimate is valid for 30 days and thereafter is subject to change.
5. All labor is estimated and the day rate is based on a 10 hour day. Overtime occurs after 10 hours at 1.5x regular day rate hourly charge. Double-time occurs after 16 hours at 2x regular day rate hourly charge. The crew must receive 8 hours off between calls, otherwise the technician begins call at previous day's rate.
6. Client shall provide technicians the ability to break for 1 hour every 6 hours. If client request technicians to remain working or onsite during this period the client will be required to provide one meal per technician (at no cost to Supplier).
7. Client is solely responsible for hiring and payment of Riggers.
8. Client is responsible for any permitting required by the facility in regards to Haze, Lasers, Sparklers, CO2 Jets, Confetti Canons or any other used by Supplier. If items are not able to be used due to lack of permit, payment is still due in full.
9. Client to cover all the fire marshal costs.
10. Client shall provide adequate shelter and protection for Suppliers personnel and equipment from and damage.
11. Client shall provide a secure venue from load in till load out of Suppliers equipment.
12. Client shall be liable for any damage to Suppliers equipment not caused by Supplier and be responsible for repair and/or replacement cost of
damaged equipment.
13. Client shall ensure that the location of the event is open and available during all scheduled load in, production times and until strike is complete to allow Supplier time to set up and remove equipment.
14. Client shall provide adequate AC power (at no cost to Supplier) to staging or production area. CLIENT TO PROVIDE 200 AMP 3 PHASE 100/208 VOLTS IN CAMLOKS EZ1016 FOR AUDIO & VIDEO AND 200 AMP 3 PHASE 120/208 VOLTS IN CAMLOKS EZ1016 FOR LIGHTING. (Subject to changes)
15. Client will provide (through the facility) tables, chairs & staging for use by the Supplier.
16. Client is responsible for any/all drayage fees, Union fees, and associated facility fees.
17. Adequate space will be required for both the loading and unloading of production materials.
18. It is agreed that Supplier and Vendor(s) shall not be liable to Client and Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Supplier and Vendor(s) harmless of any and all manner of actions and causes of actions, suits, claims, and demands whatsoever in law or in equity arising out of or relating to this Clients contract and the duties to be performed by Supplier(s) and/or Client, their respective agents, employees and independent contractors, including acts of negligence or other misconduct, breach or nonperformance theoref.
19. Murillo Audio Visual will provide a Certificate of Insurance as requested. (Extra charges may apply)
20. Contract is confirmed upon receipt of signature and/or deposit obligations.
21. A cancelation charge of 25% of equipment or labor until a confirmation is cancelled with 30-day as notice.
22. We are not responsible for events cancelled due to weather.
23. A fee 100% is applicable to cancellation with less than 48 hours.
24. Any extra equipment that is not listed on the Invoice, will be charged separately or added to the Invoice. For any last minute changes, there be an Invoice sent to the Client.
25. Set-up labor is based on access to rooms 24 hours in advance of show start. Additional labor charges will accrue if set-up time is compressed. 24 hour hold on all function rooms is assumed for this proposal. If rooms are struck and reset daily, additional labor charges will occur.
26. COVID-19 TERMS: Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. If an event is cancelled by any reasons due to COVID-19, Murillo Audio Visual is not responsible. If an event is cancelled due to COVID-19, Murillo Audio Visual may provide a credit for a future event within one year from the original event date.

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